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Don’t give up, give out. Release your talents into the world.

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Don’t Wait For the World to Discover Your Talents

Don't wait for the world to discover your talents. The world is waiting for your to reveal them.

I posted this on my 4000 Saturdays Facebook group, and Andy Mildner asked an excellent question: “Mark. What is your top tip to help people be brave enough to get up on their stage and show off their talents?” Good question Andy. Talents lie dormant to the world due to three types of fear: i) …

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The Road to Success

This quote came to me when I was writing a Part 2 of my new online course “The 7 Secret Keys to Success in Music“*. I was focusing on the differences between Adele who has sold over 21 million copies of her latest album “21” (maybe the title isn’t to do with the age she was …

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A Life Without Music

“A life without music would be like living in a world without colour” Mark Desvaux

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Why Music is a Basic Need of Human Survival

Today I received the following article (thanks Jonathan) which I felt moved to share. As a musician, it struck a major chord. If you are a lover or creator of music or an artist of any discipline, I hope you enjoy it as well. Welcome address to freshman class at Boston Conservatory given by Karl Paulnack, pianist …

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