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What Is Center-Stage in Your Life?

Life is all about inching towards more gratitude and away from fear. Make an intention today to try to live the next 24 hours in gratitude. Fear will always be waiting in the wings for its moment to leap out and take center-stage in your life. It can engulf us like a wave and send …

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Fear & Gratitude

Fear and Gratitude cannot co-exist in the same moment. If you strive to practice gratitude with every step, fear and worry can no longer be part of your life.

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Optimism: Where did it go and can we get it back?

I was interviewed yesterday for a really interesting and timely article in The Scotsman Newspaper. Published Date: 23 January 2009 (c) The Scotsman Newspaper By Jenny Haworth THE Great Depression gave us the jet engine and the electric razor, and the First World War provided the inspiration for some of the most moving poetry ever …

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Choosing Hope over Fear

We’ve seen what fear can do to our world, the economy and our wellbeing and this week we’ve felt what optimism and hope can create in our hearts. Why would we ever choose the former? We live in a world created by our emotions. Look for the good in everything that happens today.

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Our Greatest Teachers

The financial crisis is one of the most profound teachers of our time. Whether in America, Iceland, the UK, the rest of Europe, Asia or beyond it is showing us that everything in this world is interconnected and we cannot survive without considering each other and pulling together. Boundaries, flags and the “me culture” ultimately …

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The Gap Between Imagination and Reality

A thought is only a thought until you believe it. Question any thought which doesn’t serve you before giving it permission to become your reality.

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The Fear Thief

Fear of the future only robs you of the present

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Daily Inspirational Quote #2

“Gratitude and fear cannot co-exist in the same moment. If you feel stressed, worried, unhappy or anxious this week, immediately stop and think of something that you are grateful for in your life.”

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