What Is Center-Stage in Your Life?

Life is all about inching towards more gratitude and away from fear. Make an intention today to try to live the next 24 hours in gratitude. Fear will always be waiting in the wings for its moment to leap out and take center-stage in your life. It can engulf us like a wave and send us ten steps back. Fear is also like a whirlpool that can pull us down very quickly, whilst gratitude is a practice which we get better and better at inch by inch, like lifting weights. The more we practice it, the stronger we get.

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The stronger you get, the next time fear sees its opportunity and leaps out, rather then reacting immediately, you might stop, even for a split-second and ask, “Is there something I can be grateful for in this moment?” Taking your attention off fear, leaves him standing naked center-stage with no audience. He’ll quickly shuffle back to the wings, his ego and confidence slightly dented. Over time, he’ll be demoted to a bit-part actor in the play of your life.

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