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Life Changing“, “Inspiring“, “Insightful“, “Fascinating“, “Astonishing“, “Eye-opening“, “Magical“, “Fantastic, “Brilliant

These are just some of the words of people whose lives have been touched when working with Mark Desvaux.
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Working with Mark gives me so much positive energy which leaves me literally energised, giving me the inner strength to push myself and make the best of my life,” Melissa A

Mark has been guiding hundreds people for over ten years, helping them to gain new perspectives in their lives resulting in significant breakthroughs. Mark’s coaching sytle comes more from the heart than from a text book. He is a firm believer in the power of teaching what you have experienced and he has spent the last twenty years pushing the boundaries to see what is possible. At the core of his philosophy is the belief you can choose to be whatever and whoever you want to be at any time. The key to a fulfilled life is in the choosing.

 Mark’s insights are fascinating and eye-opening. Be prepared to look at your life in a whole new way,” Michael T

One example was a “dream” list that Mark wrote one day, which included the words “Play Glastonbury”, the world’s biggest music festival. On that day, Mark had no band, no music, just a undying passion and a belief that anything in life was possible if you are willing to dream. Four years later, his dream came true and within two years he had played Glastonbury three times, had a best-selling album, and had to start a new list as every other “dream” had become a reality.

What could be on your list?

I want to say thank you for the life coaching session last week. It me feel like I have an extra coat of armour with which to face the world. You also made me laugh at things I’m afraid of. And left me with a feeling of buoyancy, which is so rare. No small feat I can tell you. Quite astonishing and almost magical, Cathy R

The foundation in Mark’s life is his 4000 Saturdays philosophy, which is the average number of Saturdays we have in our life. 4000 Saturdays is the key to embracing life today and not waiting until tomorrow. It provides the foundation for stunning breakthroughs in the people he has worked with. 4000 Saturdays turned Mark’s own life inside out, literally.

“4000 Saturdays is a powerful move away from traditional life coaching where the emphasis is on goal setting and helps you to take in the bigger picture and make decisions from that point.” Anna J, Life Coach

If you would like Mark to guide and help you unlock the full potential that lives inside you, he conducts coaching sessions on the phone or face to face sessions using Skype.

“Mark is brilliant! I get so much out of his sessions and am now making decisions in my life to help me move forward.” Peter G


As Mark is in high demand, to find out his availability, please fill in the Contact Mark form, with a little background about yourself and your current situation.

“Thank you so much for the FANTASTIC sessions. Do please pass on my appreciation to Mark for such an inspirational consultation.” Helena B


“I love 4000 Saturdays!” Sue Marchant, BBC Radio


“Mark is fantastic and very motivating. I feel so much more confident about the year ahead and Mark has helped me put together some realistic targets to achieve,” Sally F


“I wish Mark was my neighbour,” Hanna D


“Mark is engaging, entertaining, thought-provoking, honest and genuine,” John S


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