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Let Your Light Follow You Around

In August I heard of the launch of an excellent idea called One Hundred Months (www.onehundredmonths.org). The web site says: “We have 100 months to save the planet. When the clock stops ticking we could be beyond the climate’s ‘tipping point’, the point of no return.” I really like the idea behind the site as …

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A different perspective

We think of ourselves as solid, but put us under a microscope and we are a mass of vibrating energy made up of cells, just like everything else in this universe.

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Daily Inspirational Quote #21

“Life’s a journey, and as petrol prices rise, we realise that driving a little slower and conserving our energy means we can enjoy the scenery a little more. It also means it takes longer to reach our final destination, which, in life, isn’t such a bad thing.”

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Daily Inspirational Quote #19

“Don’t waste your precious energy on things you cannot control – issues of the past or something that might happen in the future. Instead, invest your energy in the positive present moment.”

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