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The Four Foundations – Principle #2: Our Thoughts Are Not Our Thoughts

I’m going to lay it on the table right out the gate. If your life sucks right now, so do your thoughts. The quality of your outer world is a direct reflection of the quality of your inner voice. The good news is you can open that door, just a little to begin with, to …

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Are you Financially Freed?

UPDATE: To register for the Workshop re-run, please CLICK HERE UPDATE 2: FULLY BOOKED! Financially Freed Online Workshop with Mark announced – Weds 23rd Oct – Next 9 registration go free. Book now @ http://www.eventbrite.ca/event/6250133317 Are you Serving a Life Sentence of Financial Imprisonment? Multi-millionaire or heavily in debt? Regardless of how much or little we …

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Daily Inspirational Quote #1

“Time is not money. It is far more important than that.”

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