Are you Financially Freed?

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Are you Serving a Life Sentence of Financial Imprisonment?

Multi-millionaire or heavily in debt? Regardless of how much or little we have, most of us are living a life sentence of financial imprisonment.

It’s time to change.

Let’s face it, even the world’s most powerful governments struggle to handle their finances. It’s one of, if not the biggest challenge in our lives. Despite the media and all the books and courses selling the dream of becoming rich and leaving all your worries behind, the reality is even the most wealthy spend their days worrying about how to protect and not lose their fortune.

Money worries affect everyone, and is core to so many of the negative aspects we don’t want in our lives such as stress, sleepless nights, arguments with our loved ones / friends / colleagues / family, unhappy career choices, no time, tiredness, illness and worse. Our current reality is our lives are dictated by money. We work for money, rather than having money work for us.

It ultimately does not matter how much or how little you have, financial imprisonment starts in your mind, with your attitudes and relationship to money.

The reality is that you are in control of how you choose to live with your financial situation. You can choose to spend your time worry about it, or spend that time taking action to change your situation. People that choose to not take action are akin to someone in a house that is burning down complaining about how hot it is getting. It’s time to get out of the house!

If you are in debt now and become a multi-millionaire tomorrow, you will simply swap your money worries. Just ask anyone who has won the lottery… They worry about whether their “friends” are only after their money. They worry about upsetting people who they haven’t shared their wealth with. They worry about savings rates falling, the stock market plummeting, their new-found addiction to spending money lavishly. If your dream is to make a million through running a business, it is important to remember that you can have a talent to make money, but the greater talent is your ability to handle it.

Financially Freed is not about reaching a certain magic number. It’s not about how to get-rich-quick. It is simply about making a decision that enough is enough, deciding to take action and applying some simple, but very effective tools to change your life and the lives of those around you.

It involves three simple steps:

Make the pledge to start on the journey to becoming Financially Freed.

We all have a unique number called our R Factor (short for “Reality Factor”). A price tag tells you what something costs.Your R Factor tells you what it will really cost you in your life. Knowing your R Factor:

  • Changes your spending habits.
  • Helps you make realistic purchasing decisions and break the cycle of “sleep-spending”.
  • Helps you get out of debt or prevents your wealth from eroding.
  • Gives you the option to retire – not having to “work” for the rest of your life.
  • Helps you take control of your life and finances.

Once you have become Financially Freed, your whole life changes. You can start to focus on living out your life’s dreams and inspiring everyone around you. Ultimately you start to create your life’s legacy.

Your journey to becoming Financially Freed starts now. Take the pledge at

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