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“An Inspirationalist,” Sue Marchant, BBC Radio

When people ask Mark what he does, he’s usual answer is “Life”. A life coach, recording artist, entrepreneur, radio broadcaster, author, speaker, filmmaker, owner of businesses in property, music and publishing, Chairman and founder of various charities…and that’s just this week! “If you choose to define yourself by what you do, you have already placed limits on yourself and on your life.” He is a student of no-limit thinking and a teacher of human potential. Mark is a deep-thinker with an endless enthusiasm and passion for life and adventure. With a daily perspective that our time is short, and a constant focus on gratitude for what we already have in our lives, Mark encourages everyone he works with to go for it, “Do it today, don’t wait until tomorrow.”

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As a four year old, Mark Desvaux used to ask his mother, “What is life all about? Why are we here?” He asked those questions a lot. Twenty years ago however, he got a glimpse into some possible answers when given a book by his father that set him off on a course of personal discovery. During that time, he has studied hundreds of remarkable people and inspirational, motivational books about life including subjects on personal growth, peak performance, abundance and gratitude.

“We all have our own unique journey in life, with an accumulation of experiences and beliefs which define who we are at this very moment. As long as we keep exploring, we are living. Otherwise, we simply exist.”

Inspired by national success as an athlete in his teenage years, he had the privilege of being trained by an Olympic coach. In his early twenties, Mark began to experiment with what was possible in life. His personal journey so far includes turning down a PhD, five years in a corporation managing a large team, pioneering online private sales for property in the mid-90s (houseweb.com), setting up further businesses in the music and publishing industries (TRL Music), being diagnosed at the age of twenty-five with an “incurable” disease which now no longer affects his life and most recently living out another of his crazy dreams – releasing two bestselling albums, having a song chart in the Top 30 and performing three times at Glastonbury with his band Urban Myth Club. In 2014 he signed a Publishing Deal with Warner Brothers. He recently launched the 4000 Saturdays Academy which welcomes anyone wishing to study life development courses with Mark. He also founded Ignite Teams, where like-minded people meet as a group on a weekly basis to define, declare and deliver their life dream, whilst being coached and mentored by Mark. This growing movement has now spread to over 10 countries worldwide. He also runs specific Ignite Teams for musicians as well as self-study online training courses including “The 7 Secrets To Success in Music.

Mark has set up a number of philanthropic projects, organisations and charities including Thankubank, the One Million Random Acts of Kindness and most recently Foodshare which has inspired 6,000 school children and communities to grow produce for local charities. His work has led him to be part of a government-supported Taskforce looking into food growing in schools.

As an award-winning motivational speaker, Mark shares some of his discoveries in his forthcoming book, “Escape The Matchbox”, which helps people refocus on what is really important in their life. Mark regularly appears on many TV and radio shows (including BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Radio 5 Live), national newspaper and magazine articles. He continues to mentor and coach people from diverse backgrounds including recording artists, championship athletes, cancer patients, teachers, students and entrepreneurs.

In an increasingly fast-paced, fast-living world, Mark continues to explore ways to help people live their lives to the fullest, in a balanced, peaceful and meaningful way.

You can contact Mark directly here.

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