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Your Time Is Now…

How much time a week do you spend thinking about your life purpose, your dreams, and the legacy you want to leave the world? Are you willing to gift yourself one hour a week (out of 168!) to dedicate to the most important questions that should be explored? Introducing Ignite Teams. Take a look at …

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You can change the world…

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Don’t underestimate your own magnificence

When we marvel at nature, science, technology and history we often forget that we are part of everything we see. Every day we are surrounded by other people, which conditions us to feel “normal”. A David Attenborough from outer space would marvel at us more than anything else on this planet. Don’t settle for normality. …

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Just Another Day?

Every day miracles happen all around us. You only start to see them when you choose to believe that your life is not ordinary. There is no such thing as an ordinary life, an average person. To just be born you defied the odds, in a race of six hundred million! Any child needs to …

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What Shall I Do Today?

Every morning before we start our day we need to ask ourselves the question “What can I do today that will make a difference in the world tomorrow?”

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