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If Children Were Brought Up To See Their Inner Genius We Would Get To Where We Are Heading A Million Times Faster


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If You Dream The Impossible You Give Permission To Your Children To Do The Same.


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How Can We Start To Recognize The Genius In Our Children When We Won’t Recognize The Genius With Us?


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If The Children Of Your Creativity All Came Home To Visit Only Then Would You Truly Realize The Beauty And Bounty Of Your Family.


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There Is A Greater Life Purpose Than Striving To Inspire Children Every Day By What You Do?


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If Your Life Inspires Just One Child, Your Life Has Been A Success

If your life inspires just one child, your life has been success

On average we are each given 4000 Saturdays to live out our best life. With our decisions and actions, each minute and hour we write our life story. When working with people, I am often asked: “What should I be doing with my life?” and “What is my life purpose?” As with most of life’s big …

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Being Child-like

I love the randomness of having a two year old toddler in the house. Life is just one big adventure and we get to re-live it with them. Then suddenly we remember that we don’t have to re-live, we just need to start living it again. The world through the eyes of a child is …

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Cheer up!

As a parent I’ve rapidly learnt that we are not here to teach our children but learn from them. This is none more apparent when discovering that children laugh on average 146 times a day, whilst adults laugh just four times. Does this point to the serious business of growing up or us simply taking life too seriously? …

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Don’t Save the Planet

I’ve come to realise that we don’t need to “Save The Planet”. The planet will be fine without us. We need to save humankind. The solution lies in all of us taking 100% responsibility for everything we do every minute of every day in order to start healing our home, a home we are consuming …

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