The Four Foundations – Principle #2: Our Thoughts Are Not Our Thoughts

I’m going to lay it on the table right out the gate. If your life sucks right now, so do your thoughts. The quality of your outer world is a direct reflection of the quality of your inner voice.

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The good news is you can open that door, just a little to begin with, to become aware that your Thought King or Queen is an imposter. All those years you believed (or were unaware) you were the servant carrying out their every command, it had all been a case of mistaken identity. The lead actor is left naked, centre stage realising they no longer have any lines, because you are going to rip up their script, and start rewriting a story you want to see play out.

Bruce Lipton summarises this idea beautifully in his book Biology of Belief. Bruce describes how up to the age of 7 we are like tape recorders. Everything we are told is recorded without question. Once we start to become aware of the world around us, we are rewinding and playing that tape, often for the rest of our lives – a continual unquestioned loop.


The beliefs that we have are often implants, given to us by our parents, teachers, older siblings and other influential people in our lives. This is never more apparent than our beliefs around money. As much as we hate to admit it, we have usually picked up traits and money beliefs from one or both of our parents. This result in thoughts that plague us for the rest of our life, creating arguments, stress and fear for the future.

What do most people do? They go straight to their Outer World:  It was all because of my mother’s frugality. I’m this way because my Dad used to always tell me “Money doesn’t grow on trees”.  Why did they say these things? Because they were fed exactly the same belief system by their parents and so the generational loop continues. We need to start with empathy, then forgiveness, and finally taking control with a generational severing.

It is fascinating to realise that at any age, at any moment, we can simply choose to go within and see these thoughts for what they are. Like Malware planted on a computer without our knowing, these thoughts have been driving our lives since the day we were born. The day we began to pick up other people’s energy and the day we started to become fascinated by the odd sounds that came from other people’s mouths.

Advertising is another example of Malware. We are sold the idea that in order to be happy we need the next version of the iPhone, the latest car, wrinkle cream or medication. When I move to Canada from the UK, I couldn’t believe the “post advert” disclaimers – that rapid-fire voice – that came with mediation adverts. I had lived in a country for nearly 40 years where it was prohibited to advertise behind-the-counter medication on TV and radio. Imagine my surprise when I heard this.

“”If you have seasonal allergies, [insert drug of choice) may be right for you. Side effects of [insert drug name] are uncommon, and include headache, nausea, vomiting, death, dizziness, dysentery, cardiac arrhythmia, varicose veins, darkened stool, lycanthropy, arteriosclerosis, haemorrhoids, diabeetus, and mild rash.”

Death? I’d take the mild rash any day! Isn’t it amazing that people would put something in their bodies to fix something that may result in ten other side-effects.


Many of the thoughts do not serve you because they are not yours. Think of those thoughts as malware. Unconsciously placed into your psyche until the moment you realise they don’t below there. Today when a thought enters your mind and it creates an adverse reaction in you  – maybe a feeling of concern, worry, or simply does not feel right. Try the 5 Why technique. Ask Why are you thinking that thought? Whatever the response, ask Why again. By the time you reach the fifth Why you may uncover something very revealing about where that thought has come from. You may even reach for the needle and pop that thought forever.

Tomorrow: TFF Principle #3: If You Feel Crappy Your Thoughts Aren’t Happy

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