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Snow Business

Lost business for the UK economy today: £1.2 billion Having a snowball fight with your kids:     Priceless I look forward to the day when the media don’t focus on everything a nation loses when everything grinds to a halt due to the white stuff. Today is a day when people will have a well-earned rest. …

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Our Greatest Teachers

The financial crisis is one of the most profound teachers of our time. Whether in America, Iceland, the UK, the rest of Europe, Asia or beyond it is showing us that everything in this world is interconnected and we cannot survive without considering each other and pulling together. Boundaries, flags and the “me culture” ultimately …

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“Slow down you move too fast. You gotta make this moment last”

The credit crunch could be a good thing. We might start living life at half the speed we currently do, which means we would only be consuming the world twice as fast as we should.

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