Snow Business

Lost business for the UK economy today: £1.2 billion

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Having a snowball fight with your kids:     Priceless

I look forward to the day when the media don’t focus on everything a nation loses when everything grinds to a halt due to the white stuff. Today is a day when people will have a well-earned rest. Today, millions of unforgettable memories are being created right now as kids take out pristine sleighs that have never seen the light of day. Even today, some of my fondest childhood memories are of school Snow Days.
There is something really magical about a snow-filled neighborhood. Walking the street, it’s almost deafening how peaceful it is. It’s like someone has pressed a mute button. The snow creates this lovely cotton-wool acoustic, and the nearby dual carriageway is almost silent. It helps remind us that there is another way, a million miles away from the hustle, bustle and rushing of “every day life”. In a way, the snow temporarily covers over the grayness we’ve created in our industrial lives in the same way we use correction fluid like Tipp-ex or Snopake to cover up over our mistakes. Maybe snow is trying to tell us something?

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