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This quote came to me when I was writing a Part 2 of my new online course “The 7 Secret Keys to Success in Music“*.

I was focusing on the differences between Adele who has sold over 21 million copies of her latest album “21” (maybe the title isn’t to do with the age she was when writing it after all?) and the other ‘Adele’ sitting in her bedroom somewhere in London with a 20+ million album seller sitting on her hard drive of her computer gathering techno-dust as she thinks it isn’t good enough. The other Adele’s best chances of being discovered are based on the unlikely event of Simon Cowell changing careers, becoming a hard disk restorer and discovering her discarded Mac at the local computer recycling centre.

And there lies the problem -  the word “Discover“.

So many people in life wait for their talents and gifts to be discovered by others.

Go out into the world and shout about them, otherwise you might have a very long wait at that bus stop.

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