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Why do we spend so much of our life doing unimportant things?

This interesting paradox came to me this morning. Every day, most of us are so regimented to the 24 hours that the clock gives us, that time rules our life (literally minute by minute). Alarm clocks, deadlines, school bells, timetables, bed time. Yet the decisions we make every day are often based on a sense …

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What Is Center-Stage in Your Life?

Life is all about inching towards more gratitude and away from fear. Make an intention today to try to live the next 24 hours in gratitude. Fear will always be waiting in the wings for its moment to leap out and take center-stage in your life. It can engulf us like a wave and send …

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Fear & Gratitude

Fear and Gratitude cannot co-exist in the same moment. If you strive to practice gratitude with every step, fear and worry can no longer be part of your life.

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Are You Floating or Swimming in the Ocean?

Living in the routine of life, day-to-day, is like floating around on the ocean without ever dipping your toe in to see how the water feels.

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Don’t give up, give out. Release your talents into the world.

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If Your Life Inspires Just One Child, Your Life Has Been A Success

If your life inspires just one child, your life has been success

On average we are each given 4000 Saturdays to live out our best life. With our decisions and actions, each minute and hour we write our life story. When working with people, I am often asked: “What should I be doing with my life?” and “What is my life purpose?” As with most of life’s big …

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A Life Without Music

“A life without music would be like living in a world without colour” Mark Desvaux

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Steve Jobs: “You’ve Got To Do What You Love”

Today I heard about the passing of Steve Jobs. I immediately went back to a video of his Commencement Speech to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005. It’s all the more poignant today with his passing. “You’ve go to do what you love” A life well lived. Enjoy this video:  

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Being Child-like

I love the randomness of having a two year old toddler in the house. Life is just one big adventure and we get to re-live it with them. Then suddenly we remember that we don’t have to re-live, we just need to start living it again. The world through the eyes of a child is …

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“Slow down you move too fast. You gotta make this moment last”

The credit crunch could be a good thing. We might start living life at half the speed we currently do, which means we would only be consuming the world twice as fast as we should.

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The question is not what you can get out of life, but what life can get out of you.

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Never stop asking yourself the question ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?’

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Work-Life Balance?

Do you love what you do? Too often we separate our work and our life, as highlighted by the ironic modern expression ‘Work-Life Balance’. Many people spend nearly half their awake adult life working. Our work is our life. Our life is our work. True living is when you change your perspective on your work …

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Life is…

Life is beautiful. Life is awful. The decision is yours.

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Become a Superhero

There is a lot in the news about the world crisis we face. It’s on many scales – food prices, oil, petrol/gas, the environment, instable financial and property markets, mass consumption, population… I talk with many people who are quite burdened with these “problems”. On the one hand we want to enjoy our lives, but …

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Tend Your Own Garden

You can only tend your own garden. If you spend time trying to tend others, they will eventually forget how to weed.

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Life Is Too Short

Life’s too short to hold grudges or iron your underwear.

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Daily Inspirational Quote #21

“Life’s a journey, and as petrol prices rise, we realise that driving a little slower and conserving our energy means we can enjoy the scenery a little more. It also means it takes longer to reach our final destination, which, in life, isn’t such a bad thing.”

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Daily Inspirational Quote #16

“If a problem starts to take over your life, instead of fighting it, try to accept it and avoiding giving it a label. As there is a natural balance to everything in life, look forward to and look out for the equal and opposite good that will follow as a direct result of that problem …

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Daily Inspirational Quote #15

“Every day of your life has so far has been training for this very moment.”

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