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Your Life As A BookAnother day in your life, another page in your book.

With your every action, you write the description. With every word that falls from your mouth, you write the dialogue.

Sometimes one chapter finishes, and a new chapter starts.

How did your book begin and at what point in your life did you realise you were holding the pen, that you are the author?

Is your writing hurried, frantic, legible? Or a beautiful work of art, a calligraphy that is representative of the very essence of who you are, and who you are becoming.

Are you writing what is truly important? For every word that sits on every page can never be crossed out or replaced.

The ink must keep flowing until the ink runs dry.

What is the message in your book to leave for others who follow you? Despite the paper you had to write on, the pen you held, and the ink in the pen, what will you have learnt about your great journey, your great adventure, that you can leave the world? What can you leave from your life to inspire the next seven generations?

When your book enters the library, will it sit and gather dust? Or will people be lining up to borrow it? Will the children you will never met plead for “just one more chapter” before bedtime?

Have you worked out the grand finale yet? How would you like it to end? Will you write words of fear and hopelessness, or words of joy and celebration?

The ink must keep flowing until the ink runs dry.

Take hold of your pen today and write with all your vigor. Write as if your life meant it.

Write, for the world needs your words.

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