The Art of Nibbling

Imagine a hungry mouse whose dream came true. The most enormous, tasty chunk of cheese which fell under the fridge. Heaven! But how does it start to eat it?

Simple. It nibbles.

The time management trainers and goal-setting gurus have encouraged us for years to chunk our goals and dreams to make them manageable, but for most, even chunking can sound overwhelming. A chuck sound heavy. A chunk could still strain your back. We are also told to never bite off more than we can chew.

It’s time for a change, for a new, more bite-sized word.


Nibbling is the new chunking.

We can learn a lot from nature and technology. In our world run by computers, it is not common knowledge that a ‘nibble’ is half a byte (see what they did there?) In computing, if you don’t have bytes, you don’t have the molecule in which some of the most beautifully complex creations are made.

Nature also loves to nibble. Just ask the sawdust of a former forest that has been visited by any wood-loving insect tribe. Have you ever seen an ant carry more than it can handle? Have you ever seen a mouse try to shove a whole slab of Stilton in its mouth in one go?

In coaching people in their dreams, many take one look at the enormity of what they want to achieve, and are overwhelmed, paralyzed into inaction. They never get started, even just by taking their first nibble.

Every day I coach people to become nibblers. Ignite Teams is an amazing group of like-minded people who come together to make their big dream a reality. One aim is to set up the consistent daily and weekly momentum to nibble away at the actions which take each team member One Step Closer (OSC) to achieving their dreams. Ignite Team members are like twister-chasers, following their dreams and putting themselves right in the middle of the vortex, where they get whisked up into a phenomenal new life.

I have created a new mantra for these 21 Century Dream Chasers:

‘Little and Often’.

How do we achieve ‘Little and Often’?

We nibble. Every day. Little, and very often.

With each nibble – a small action to take them OSC to a pre-defined milestone – they remove a larger percentage of the remaining chunk. Soon, that chunk of cheese is reduced to just a few small crumbs.

So no matter how huge your dream is, don’t get overwhelmed. Get nibbling.

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