“My Feet Ache”

When travelling in Delhi, India about sixteen years ago I had been walking for about eight hours and my feet ached like never before. I was suffering from culture shock and overwhelmed by all the poverty I was seeing.

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I sat down on the pavement feeling thoroughly sorry for myself.

In amongst the bustle of the surrounding street life I heard a scraping sound getting louder and louder. I looked up and saw a man, perched on an old metal tray, with no legs and tiny bandaged stumps for arms. He was pushing himself along slowly and coming towards me. I watched him pass infront of me and continue his journey and then I looked down at my feet.

He taught me an really important lesson in life, that if your feet ache, they are just reminding you to be grateful you have them. I always remember this amazing man, especially when I think I have a problem or issue in my life.

Then today I was sent this video, which reaffirmed this sense of gratitude I have for my life. I really encourage you to watch it.


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