Living Your Dream Is Easier Than You Think

We often look at others who have created something phenomenal in their life and say “She’s living her dream” or “He’s living the dream”.

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A dream usually feels likes some untouchable, unobtainable, even an impossible vision you have for your life. For most people, that’s where it remains. Forever. The sheer scale of it is the very thing that stops us ever starting. As Wayne Dyer says they “…die with their music still inside them”.

Today I’m going to challenge you to reconsider what “Living The Dream” really means.

We know that life and everything we do is a journey. If today you take one step towards a dream you have, you have started “Living The Dream”. Think about it. Once you have made your dream come true, you are actually living the results of that dream. Today, you can start living your dream.

[pullquote]If today you take one step towards a dream you have, you have started “Living The Dream”. [/pullquote]

Taking that first step, picking out the first puzzle piece from the box, means you have started in the journey to making your dream real and possible.

You have moved One Step Closer to making that dream a reality in your life. Something then changes. The excitement you feel, the buzz of what’s possible, the spring in your step, the new zest for life each day. Why?

You are Living the Dream.

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