4 Reasons Why You Should Break Your Resolutions

Here’s the good news. Go ahead, break those resolutions.

Why? There is a big problem with any big resolution you make. Like dropping a glass, the minute you break your big commitment, it shatters. Gone. Swept away quickly and thrown into the bin. It’s why most resolutions are broken in less than a week and why most people feel like failures. Ask around… when was the last time someone kept a resolution for a whole year? (If it is you, tell us how in the comments below. You have much to teach!)

Just like a puppy isn’t just for Christmas, people I work with who are successful at making lasting changes in their life know that the secret is daily focus in tiny doses, year-round, not a big resolution set once a year. Change never results from a one-off, easy-to-break ideal, dreamt up in response to the excess of the holiday and end of year panic, triggered by the annual ritual of wondering “Where did the last twelve months of my life go?”

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No matter what day you read this, you’ve found these words for a reason. Today is your opportunity to join me on a journey of discovery over the coming weeks and months – a journey into what I am calling “The Four Foundations”.



The Four Foundations is a simple practice you can do anytime, anywhere, whether sitting at the traffic lights, lying in bed, at work, at home, or in the middle of a heated argument.

Unlike many other opportunities to improve your life, the beauty of practicing The Four Foundations is you don’t need to schedule it like the gym. You don’t have to find a quiet place or sit a certain way like meditation. You don’t have to set a goal. It’s not something you “win”, therefore by trying it you can’t lose.

In fact, you don’t even have to make or find time to practice it. The Four Foundations find you.

Life will present you with many opportunities to practice. Life will be your partner, delivering you opportunities to engage The Four Foundations throughout your day.



What I know for sure is if you explore The Four Foundations with me, your life will profoundly change. You will first feel change internally. You’ll feel happier. You’ll feel less stressed. Life will naturally begin to feel more balanced. You will start to see and approach life’s challenges in a different way. You’ll have greater awareness. You’ll start to feel more present, more connected to your own life.



You’ll then start to see your world change around you. People will treat you differently. They be more pleasant to you. People will be drawn to you. They’ll feel a new energy from you.  They will want to be around you more. Then they will start to get curious. They might say “You seem different. What has changed?” or ask “What’s shifted in your life?”

At that point, you get the opportunity to tell them about The Four Foundations and they can start on their own journey.

Next… Find out the first of The Four Foundations, and how it can start to change your life. Here’s a clue… Think it will work or think it won’t? You are right either way.

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