1 Ways to Recharge your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul


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My friend recently was enthusing about his Roomba – a little disc shaped vacuum robot that travels independently around floor in your house picking up dust, hair and dirt. What a dream gadget I thought! Then I wondered if it had a setting to track our five-year old as she created a trail of destruction throughout the house.


There is something the Roomba knows that most of us don’t. This clever little device knows when it’s battery is getting low, and ensures it returns itself to its charging station before it runs out of juice. As you go about our day, often cleaning up after others, are you taking time to recharge? In today’s world where we are pulled, often torn to breaking point with so many things vying for our time, how and when are you recharging?


I’d like to introduce you to a new concept – it’s called The 10 Minute Triple Recharge (TMTR). My challenge to you is to ensure that every day you return to your charging station at least three times a day for ten minutes – once in the morning, afternoon and evening.


One rule is The 10 Minute Triple Recharge has to is just for you. Thirty minutes out of an average 1080 over day to nurture you mind, body or spirit.


In a recent session with my current Ignite Team Buddy Jonathan, he introduced the idea of “Habitual to Ritual”. For most of us, we spend the 1080 waking minutes each day in our habitual state. In fact, deep studies on habit show we spend at least 80% of our day doing the same routines and thinking the same thoughts, many of which do not serve us. When we move from Habitual to Ritual, we are making a sacred space in our life. Yes, the idea is for it to eventually become a habit, but it is a habit with purpose, a habit with meaning, and as important, a habit which fills us up, ensuring our batteries never go flat  – at which point we are no use to anyone.


So here’s Jonathan and my Roomba-inspired list of “21 Ten Minute Recharges”.


– STRETCHING: The 10 Minute Stretch, maybe your favourite three yoga positions. Wonderful!


– SITTING: Sitting on park bench to see what happens.


– WATCHING: People watching to reconnect you to the lives of others, to help put yours into perspective.


– SINGING: Sing along to two of your favourite songs on You Tube.


– DANCING: Let loose and dance like crazy to two of your favourite songs.


– TAPPING: EFT for ten minutes


– NAPPING: The ten minute Power Nap


– GRATITUDING: Write in a Gratitude Journal for ten minutes. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful to in your life right now.


– OBSERVIING: Spent ten minute in nature (very important if you spent a lot of your day behind a desk or screen like me).


– MEDITATING: A ten minute meditation can bring peace to your whole day and last for hours.


– WALKING: Go for a brisk ten minute walk. Get your heart rate up. Inhale that fresh air.


– BREATHING: Try a Breathm session. A powerful new breathing technique, which combines focused deep breathing with intentions, affirmations, gratitude and your dreams for your life. Not only essential to health and well being but a perfect antidote to our busy world, especially for those that want to mediate but struggled due to time or otherwise to keep up with it.


– PLAYING: Play instrument / Kitchen Percussion


– LISTENING: Listen to your favorite track – on headphones


– SQUEEZING: Try squeezing a stress ball


– PUMPING: Lift some weights


– CYCLING: 10 minute power cycle either on a


- SCULPTING: Turn some  putty or blue tac to create something


– DREAMING: Ten minutes thinking about your Ignite Dream


– DRINKING: Have a “sacred” cup of tea or coffee, not beside you at your desk, but in your favorite chair. Make it just about you and your drink.


– BENDING: Ten minutes of weeding. Be careful with this one, as a 10 minute session often turns into an hour – just as the Zen Gardener!


Have you got any other to add to the list? Does the Triple Recharge work for you? Join in the discussion by adding your comment below.




Igntie Team - Fuel your Dreams

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