What is RAKing?

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It started off as a bit of fun during a BBC Radio show, but RAKing could turn into latest craze to sweep the world. “RAKing“ is carrying out a Random Act of Kindness. You’ll feel great for doing it, your recipient will love it, and everyone who reads about it will get a warm fuzzy feeling.

There are many opportunities during your day to do a Random Act of Kindness to a stranger or anonymously to a friend or family member and there are MILLIONS of different things you can do. The aim of the One Million RAK Campaign is to create a huge chain reaction of RAKs around the world. Every time you carry out a RAK you pass on a RAK Card which explains to the recipient to do their own RAK to someone else and pass on the Card.

After you have carried out your RAK, come to this site and post what you did to count towards the target of ONE MILLION! It’ll help inspire others with ideas and eventually you will be able to “TRACK YOUR RAK” and see the chain reaction of Random Acts of Kindness that happened as a result of what you did. RAKs can be either spontaneous or planned:

A few ideas could be…
- Help someone struggling with their shopping
– Stop and assist someone who has a puncture
– Look for someone to pass your unexpired parking ticket to
– Buy a homeless person lunch
– Feed a parking meter that has run out
– If you get exceptional service, ask the waiter/ess to bring the manager over, and tell them both how wonderful the person was!

How about…
– Sending a book anonymously to a friend that they might like
– Carrying a can of petrol in your car and looking out for people who’ve run out on the side of the road
– Mowing your neighbours front lawn when they are out
- Looking behind you! Pay the toll for the car behind you, buy someone a coffee for the next person at the drive-in, pay the bus fare for someone behind you

…the list is endless!


(1) Download and print off some wallet-sized  YOU’VE BEEN RAKed” Cards and have them on you when you are out and about:

(2) Carry out a Random Act of Kindness (read others posted here to get inspired).

(3) Give (or leave) the person a RAK Card. They’ll then know to pass on your kindness by doing a RAK to someone else! You walk away with a big smile on your face!

(4) Tell the world about your RAK by posting it here (click on Register or Login) and help reach the magic target of 1 MILLION RAKs! Don’t forget to bookmark this site to remember where to post your RAK.

(5) Print off some “Get RAKing” flyers and leave them give them to your friends, club members, leave them in your local church, library, pin them up at work or college, start a class project at school… Help spread the word!

It’s already starting…

“I’ve gone all gooey and happy!” Sue Marchant, Presenter, BBC Eastern Counties Radio and recipient of the first of One Million Random Acts of Kindness

“A really lovely idea” Antonia Brickell, Presenter BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Get RAKing! Make the World Smile! Because Your Life Is Worth It!