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Jan 04

The Four Foundations To Changing Your Life | #1 Your Thoughts

[About The Four Foundations – With so much turmoil in the outer world today, The Four Foundations is a practise which helps you refocus on what you can affect in your life. There is only one place to start – Your Inner World. If the article resonates with you, please join the thousands of people exploring The Four Foundations …

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Jan 03

5 Reasons Why We Need To Stop Blaming 2016 For All Our Problems

2017… a fresh start? It’s all in our mind. Just like blaming 2016 – a collection of 366 days – for all our problems. Towards the end of the year, I started seeing articles and posts bashing 2016, promoting a collection of days to our latest evil nemesis. “Take that 2016!” as if ripping the calendar from the …

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Jan 02

Ode To 2016

2016 I blame you not You are just a collection of days And no turning of an Eve Will change a thing Unless we change our waysWe see icons who pass Whose passing gift Is to remind us of our lives And our unnumbered days To a life inspired Until our own flame dies The …

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Feb 24

Imagine A Day Where Everyone In The World Only Thought Kind Thoughts, Spoke Kind Words, And Did Kind Acts. Could We Experience Heaven On Earth?



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Oct 15

The Gap Between Imagination and Reality

A thought is only a thought until you believe it. Question any thought which doesn’t serve you before giving it permission to become your reality.


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Jun 18

Daily Inspirational Quote #18

“We have 60,000 thoughts a day, most of them the same thoughts we had yesterday. Tommorrow stop and question one of your habitual thoughts”


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Jun 09

Daily Inspirational Quote #11

“Today, you create your world moment by moment with every thought you have. More importantly, your reality is created by how you choose to react to and act on each thought you have.”


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